An animated version of the research paper “The Diffusion of Binary Versus Continuous Behavior on Social Networks”, written by Philipp T. Schneider, Vincent Buskens and Arnout van de Rijt.

Does the type of decision being made (i.e., binary vs. continuous) affect the likelihood of optimal investment behavior in small, networked groups?

This video depicts a group of neighbors making sustainable home improvement decisions and how it affects their social network.  Designing these characters and turning Philipp into his animated counterpart was a joy.

2D Animation

SCOOP – Sustainable Cooperation

Daniela Maria Torres Alatorre
Liesbet Heyse
Rafael Wittek

Philipp Schneider
Margot Merandon

Design & Animation:
Kasper Werther

Research Paper:
Philipp T. Schneider
Vincent Buskens
Arnout van de Rijt