In collaboration with an amazing group of artists I worked on the leader for the 10th edition of KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival. This years theme was ‘never grow up’, so we took the opportunity to bring an homage to our favorite animation shows from our childhood.

My job was to bring the Nightmare Before Christmas stop-motion segment to life. Puppets and sets were built from scratch.

Stop-Motion, Sculptures

Storyboard – Direction: KLOMP! Animation
Backgrounds: Ben Vinkenburg, Evelyne du Bois, Tom van der Linden
Compositing: Ben Vinkenburg
Music: Jochem Weierink
Sound Design: Elephant Ears
Client: KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival

Nightmare Before Christmas:
Puppet / Set Building / Animation / Compositing: Kasper Werther
Set Building Assistance: Carry Staatsen, Karen Werther
Studio / Lighting Assistance: Hans Werther
2D Line Animation: Junaid Chundrigar

South Park:
Puppet / Set Building / Animation: Hilde Buiter
Assistance: Kabo Lam

Steamboat Willie / Looney Tunes / Cartoon Network / Pokémon / Transformers / Live-Action:
KLOMP! Animation
Junaid Chundrigar, Davor Bujakovic, Martijn Kreemers, Yens Phosri

Aladdin / Lion King:
Studio Plumeau
Character Animation: Thijs Viegers
3D Animation: Bas Klompmaker
FX Animation: Thijs Viegers, Geoffrey Maclean

Finding Nemo:
Modeling: Sander Bultman, Tom Hankins, Derk Elshof
Lookdev: Tom Hankins, Derk Elshof
Rigging: Roy Nieterau, Wijnand Koreman
Animation: Danny Vos
Simulation / FX: Sander Bultman
Lighting / Rendering / Compositing: Tom Hankins

Dragon Ball Z:
Character Animation: Kabo Lam
FX Animation: Geoffrey Maclean