A new iteration of an old project,  sketchbook animation Sir Bouncy from back in 2020 to be precise.
For the first sketchbook animation, Dancebot, I organized all animation frames on a sheet and added a QR code pointing to the original animation. It was included in Quarantine Zine #2, by Mirjam Debets.

For the second iteration of Sir Bouncy I went a step further. Like with Dancebot I gathered all the frames on a sheet. This time, instead of the sheet just being a static object, it animates! I made 12 separate prints, shot them under the camera one by one and put them in sequence.

Now there’s 12 Sir Bouncies happily thumping away on paper!

More sketchbook animations in this playlist:

2D Animation, Stop-Motion

Animation / Sound Effects:
Kasper Werther

Additional Audio:
Robert Jung