An instruction video for simple games that kids can play with random household items when they’re bored. The characters are flat clay sculptures animated digitally. The set pieces are real miniatures, some of my old toys are featured in the bedroom scene. I shot some stop-motion elements and effects that were composited in the final animation.
These animations were featured on the website of “het Klokhuis”, a well known dutch children’s tv show.

Stop-Motion, 2D Animation, Sculptures

NTR / Klokhuis

Ferry Piekart
Lars Deltrap

Design / Production:
Arthur Gorissen
Kasper Werther

Character Sculptures / Stop-Motion Animation:
Kasper Werther

Set Building / Digital Animation:
Arthur Gorissen

Leader Animation:
Nicky van Kessel

Jannes Oosterwijk
Edwin Rietmeijer
Max Sombroek